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Whether you’re flying within the U.S. or overseas for business or leisure, one of the biggest challenges is lugging heavy or bulky items to the airport. Having to bring these items with you can slow you down and cause you to end up waiting longer in baggage check-in lines at the airport. This can get your trip off to a frustrating start, but there are ways to avoid this hassle. Imagine being able to have your luggage picked up at your door and sent to your destination for you. This is exactly what door-to-door luggage services do.

How Door-to-Door Luggage Services Work

Door-to-door luggage services offer a lot of convenience, whether you have a hectic business trip planned or a leisure trip that involves bringing skis or golf clubs with you. When you use one of these services, you don’t need to factor in time for dragging these items to the airport with you and standing in the check-in line for longer than you would like. Instead, your luggage will be picked up at your home and shipped to your destination. When you arrive at your hotel, your luggage will be waiting for you.

International Travel

When you use these services for traveling overseas, these companies use an automated Customs management system, since your items are required to clear Customs. This means that you don’t have to worry about spending time and effort taking care of the paperwork involved. Instead, the management system handles it for you, providing even greater convenience and time-saving opportunities.

Return Flights

What happens when it’s time to come home from your trip? Door-to-door luggage services can pick up your luggage at your hotel and ship it back to your home. You won’t have to lug it to the airport, and you won’t have to wait around to pick up your bags at the airport when you arrive home.

Door-to-Door Luggage Service Companies

There are several companies that offer this type of service for travelers. A few include the following:

  • AirPortr: This company partnered with Finnair, British Airways and American Airlines to provide convenient luggage services for those who are traveling to and from Heathrow Airport. AirPortr also partnered with British Airways to offer these services for those traveling to and from Gatwick Airport.
  • DUFL: DUFL sends you a suitcase that you can pack and store at their warehouse for upcoming trips. The company can send your suitcase to destinations within the U.S. or to certain international business hubs in Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and a few other places.
  • Luggage Forward: Luggage Forward can ship golf clubs, skis, bicycles, snowboards and other bulky items to your destination in the U.S. or overseas. The company guarantees on-time delivery and provides 24/7 customer service. 
  • Luggage Free: Luggage Free can also ship skis, golf clubs and other large items to your destination within the U.S. or overseas. All shipments are insured and tracked for on-time delivery worldwide.

When you depend on a door-to-door luggage service, you can look forward to having an easier time at the airport. You’ll also be able to head right to your business meeting from the airport if need be or get started on sightseeing and other vacation adventures instead of having to spend valuable time waiting for your luggage at the baggage claim area. 

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