Over the duration of this summer, SeatGuru has added many new airlines to the site. In this post we examine 7 of these new airline’s apps for both Apple (iTunes) and Android (Google Play) devices. Make sure you check out other apps we have covered in our Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7 of SeatGuru’s airline apps blog series.

Air Arabia (G9):

The Air Arabia mobile app ensures a quick and seamless way to manage your travel. The app allows you to book flights, manage your booking- including baggage, seat selection, meals and more, check-in for your flight and receive information regarding your flight in real time. The app will offer you flight status information either right on the app or via notifications on your device. If you are interested in going on a trip without spending all of your savings, the app has a “Latest Promotions” features that keeps you updated with all Air Arabia special offers and discounts. You can login and create an Air Arabia profile and you will never have to enter your passenger and contact details again. This app is also multi-language supported and is available in English, Arabic and French. 

Air Mauritius (MK):

Planning your travel experiences with Air Mauritius is easy and simple with the Air Mauritius app. You can book your flights, manage your recent bookings, view your upcoming trips and receive real time notifications about your flight and utilize features that will aid your journey once you are at the airport. Once it is time to start your travel, you can check-in for your flight and save your boarding pass within the app. You can also share your flight details with friends and families so that everyone is up to date about your whereabouts. Love the app and Air Mauritius as a whole? The app now has the ability to send you notifications regarding special offers, according to the country of residence you have chosen so now you will always be informed about receiving the best offers possible. Lastly, the app has many magazines and newspapers that will become available for you to read through 48 hours before your departure. 

Caribbean Airlines (BW):

The Caribbean Airlines app has many features to make traveling seem effortless. You can search and book flights, select your seat and pay for extra baggage, get flight updates and have a live chat with a Caribbean Airlines agent. The app ensures that you will never be left confused or astray, so there are notification abilities to keep you updated on any changes or flight information. The live chat is also available during support hours so you can speak directly to a real person right on your mobile app. 

Kulula (MN):

With the Kulula app, you can plan your whole trip from the palm of your hand. The app stores your upcoming trips and lets you view your flight information and then share this information with your friends and family. Once you have booked your flight, you can check-in and select your seat to receive a shareable e-boarding pass. The app also stores information such as your destinations weather forecast and any FAQs about the Kulula. You are also able to add any extras (such as luggage or passengers) right on the “Manage Booking” feature. 

Luxair (LG):

The Luxair Luxembourg Airlines app offers you the ability to book your flights, check-in for your flight and receive a mobile boarding pass. There is also a feature called “Timetable” which shows you the timetable for all flights operated by Luxair with live updates. You can also see the flight status for all Luxair flights in the “Arrivals & Departures” tab. One of the coolest functionalities of this app is the “City Guides” feature which lets you download a city guide to inspire and prepare you for your next city trip. The app also has a tab for baggage information so you never show up to the airport and receive a surprise at the baggage kiosk. This app is available in English, French and German.

Mango Airlines (JE):

Mango Airlines’s app lets you check-in for your flight and manage your travels. After check-in, you can see updated flight statuses and purchase G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi vouchers. You can use your SAA Voyager Miles at anytime during purchase right on the app. You can also view your bookings and if you are an existing corporate client, you can log into the Travel Management System portal and complete bookings on the app. This app loves to offer promotions and discounts, so be sure to log into the app with your Momentum Multiply account to receive up to 50% off discounts on all flights. Senior Citizens also have the option to receive up to 15% off discounts on flights that depart on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. If you are a Edgars Club Card member, keep in mind that if you log into this account of the app, you will get 2% off discounts on all your Mango flights as well. 

Uzbekistan Airways (HY):

With the Uzbekistan Airways app, you can purchase tickets on the go. All you need to do is create a personal account within the app, where your personal data, history of purchased tickets and accumulated bonuses are stored, or log into the app with your preexisting account. The app has a security functionality that ensures all of your information is stored properly and for your eyes only. Once you have logged in, you can purchase a ticket directly and book your flight. After booking, the app will generate an itinerary for you which will be sent to your email address. 

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