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The days of being able to check in bags at no additional cost when you fly overseas has been over for quite some time. With airlines trying to boost their revenue with more and more fees, you can expect to pay when you want to bring checked baggage along with you on your trip. Thanks to these fees, it’s becoming more common to have passengers try to squeeze as much as they can into overhead compartments instead of checking their bags. If you are among those who want to avoid those checked bag fees as much as possible, there are certain etiquette tips to keep in mind. These tips can make your flight more peaceful, so you can get your trip off to a great start.


Measure Before Boarding

Airlines make it easy for you to know for sure that your carry-on bags will fit into the overhead bin. Before boarding the plane, you’ll have a chance to use a bag dimensions checker at the gate to measure your bags. This checker lets you know if any of your bags are too large for the overhead compartment, so that you won’t end up having to wrestle with it to try to get it in after boarding the plane. What should you do if you have a bag that’s too big? Let the flight crew know, and they’ll help you find space for it. They might even offer to check it for you at no extra cost.


Don’t Hog the Space

Make sure that you leave space for your fellow passengers to put some of their bags in the overhead bin. If you have a larger bag, it’s ok to place it in overhead storage, but don’t fill up the rest of the available space with smaller bags or other items. Remember that you also have open space under your seat where you can put your purse, briefcase or another type of smaller bag. 


Be Considerate with Coats and Jackets

If you want to put your coat or jacket in the overhead bin instead of folding it on your lap or shoving it under the seat, place it on top of your larger bag. This way, your coat or jacket isn’t taking up valuable space that other passengers might want to use. You also have a lower risk of having other passengers put heavy bags on top of your coat or jacket. If your flight is packed and there’s not much overhead bin space available, consider holding your coat or jacket out of courtesy for other passengers.


Keep What You Need Handy

Have any items you need during your flight with you in easy reach. Don’t leave these items in the overhead bin and dig for them later, which could mean having to disturb your fellow passengers. Place these items in your carry-on bag under the seat instead.

Think Ahead

Don’t just put your larger bags in the overhead bin any old way. Remember that you’ll have to get it out again when the plane lands and other passengers are eager to leave. Place larger bags in the overhead compartment with the wheels going in first and the handle at the front. This way, you’ll be able to easily grab your bag and pull it out without having to awkwardly struggle with it to get it out.

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